7 Simple Steps to Creating Your Online Virtual Real Estate Investing Business 
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What this 7 Simple Steps Guide will show you:

How to create a complete real estate investing business for wholesaling, fix and flip and/or buy and old.

The 5 Most Important Tips in the Guide:

  • How to choose the right areas to invest, depending on your strategy
  • ​The best ways to locate off market properties
  • ​How to analyze deals
  • ​How and where to find ready and qualified buyers
  • ​How to create a virtual online real estate business and invest anywhere

About the Authors

Laura Alamery & Liz Klingseisen

Laura and Liz are a mother and daughter team. 

Laura (the mother) has been in real estate for over 30 years and her experience spans from wholesaling, to fix and flip, buy and hold, raising private money and more. Liz entered the industry 4 years ago and she has been wholesaling virtually in several markets.
The combination of lifetime experience (Laura) and modern vision and approach from a young investor (Liz) has been a winning formula.

We are dedicated to empowering women starting their own real estate investing journey, by offering a supportive community of like minded women and up to date training.

This 7-step ebook will reveal a proven process that will show you the exact steps to MAKE AT LEAST $10K FROM REAL ESTATE THIS MONTH
Learn from Inspiring Real Estate Investors
A mother-daughter team with more than 35+ years of combined experience shows you how to build a real estate business from scratch—quick and easy, with no experience needed! 

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Experienced women real estate investors will share with you their proven strategies to mastering the realm of real estate. In 7 easy steps, you’ll get on the fast-track to building your own business and getting an edge on the competition!

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